The Falcon's Rise

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The day before her execution, Anne Boleyn’s mind wanders back to the journey that changed her life…

Born into the Boleyn family in rural Norfolk, obscurity looms. When Anne’s father, Thomas, moves the family to Hever Castle, in Kent, to further his own interests, the family’s fortunes take a turn for the better. Thomas secures a place for Anne’s sister, Mary, at the prestigious court of Margaret of Austria, but fate has other plans, and Anne ends up taking her place.
At thirteen, Anne yearns for adventure. However, unused to curbing her outspoken tongue and youthful curiosity, she discovers that life at Margaret’s court is not quite how she imagined. Experiencing love, loss, jealousy and fear, she soon realises that her future happiness lies in her own hands – and that she must shape her own destiny…

The Falcon’s Rise is the first part of a two-part series, beginning the journey with the young Anne Boleyn growing into the woman who captured the heart of a king.

The Falcon’s Rise book reviews:

‘An intriguing portrayal of one of Tudor history's most controversial figures during her early years.  Natalia Richards brings the court of Margaret of Austria dazzlingly to life, and in exploring Anne Boleyn's time there provides a valuable new perspective on this much-studied woman.’ 
Tracy Borman, historian, author and television presenter. 

 ‘I enjoyed your novel enormously. I loved both the wealth of historical detail, and the fact that you managed simultaneously to take the reader on an emotional journey that was just as convincing. Take it as tribute that, when I came to a bit of history I didn’t recognise, I had no impulse to rush to the bookshelf to find out if it was ‘real’. I was happy to accept that it was real in your Mechelen, and that that really did reflect the essential truth.’
Sarah Gristwood, journalist, author and television presenter.

 ‘An incredible novel which takes you on a journey into Anne Boleyn’s early life.’  
Claire Ridgway, author and historian.

‘The setting and time period are masterfully written. From a walk through the city streets to everyday utterances to the grandeur of palaces and wealthy homes, Anne’s world is painted with vivid colours, and the period is brought to life superbly. The history is expertly crafted and extremely captivating.’ 
J. Lynn Else, Historical Novels Society.

‘The characters in this story are beautifully brought to life, and once Anne sets out on her journey to Mechelen, I could not put the book down. The author has done a tremendous job of showing how these events shaped the person that Anne Boleyn became. I really liked the way the author dealt with Anne's years pre-Mechelen. The author acknowledges parts of the story have been added for dramatic licence, yet she has clearly researched this impeccably. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.’
James Peacock, the Anne Boleyn Society.

‘I loved this book. The dialogue drew me in. I felt as if I was there, listening to the conversations first hand. I believe that is a mark of a truly gifted author. Plus, I learned so much. I have already recommended this book to a few friends’.
Dawn Nelson, author.

The author did a marvellous job researching the life of Anne. Throughout it I recognized pieces of historical fact intertwined with the marvellous story telling of Richards. It was refreshing to see a part of Anne’s life that we don’t often explore.
Tudors Dynasty.